Crepe Erase Ingredients – What is the TruFirm™ Complex?

What’s Included in the Crepe Erase Kit and How Much is it?


There are two packages available, a 2-piece and a 5-piece. I bought the “Maximum Results System” which is the 5-piece kit for $59.95.


This is the system that will target crepey skin from head to toe! The 2-piece set only comes with Step 1 & Step 2 and is $39.95, so for twenty more dollars, you get 3 more products, plus a free eye serum, so I think it’s worth it to upgrade.


Here are the five products included in the Maximum Results System and a little about each one:


Step 1: Exfoliating Body Polish (For use on full body except for face)


Luxurious body polish containing “TruFirm,” a breakthrough firming complex that helps rejuvenate aging, dry, crepey looking skin on the neck, chest, legs and arms.


This is a gentle, yet effective exfoliator that helps slough off all those dead skin cells to reveal smoother, younger looking skin.


It smells fantastic and has a nice lather that helps you work in the exfoliating beads.  The directions are to exfoliate all your problems areas for about a minute long, then rinse.


This leaves my whole body feeling very soft and smooth!


Step 2: Intensive Body Repair Treatment (Neck, chest, legs and arms)

This is a tub of an ultra-rich formula which contains the “TruFirm” complex along with botanicals to visibly smooth, firm, and tighten crepey skin on the neck, chest, legs and arms.


It contains nutrient rich, super hydrating oils to provide all day moisture and protect the skin. With regular use, crinkly, crepey skin can appear smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking.


After exfoliating, you spread this body-butter cream all over your body and a little goes a long way. If I had to describe the smell, it would be fresh with a hint of citrus.


The directions are to work in a pearl sized amount into affected areas. My body just drinks this stuff up and it completely absorbs leaving my legs, knees, arms and elbows soft, silky and hydrated. Everything gets plumped up immediately.


Step 3: Refining Facial Scrub (Face)


This is a gentler version of the body scrub which polishes away dead skin cells to revive the appearance of wrinkly, dull, aging skin on the face.


It contains the Tru-Firm complex to help visibly renew and nourish the skin, revealing a brighter, softer, younger-looking complexion.


The directions are to massage gently into damp skin for 1-2 minutes, then rinse.


I love a good exfoliator that isn’t too harsh, and this one leaves my face completely refreshed, soft and smooth. It’s gentle enough for everyday use.


Step 4: Restorative Facial Treatment (Face and neck)


Infused with TruFirm, this is an ultra-hydrating treatment for the delicate skin on the face and the neck.


It also contains a special blend of moisturizing oils to improve the look of dull, criss-crossed wrinkles to create a firmer, tighter, more lifted appearance.


After exfoliating, you only need to apply one small pump full to moisturize your entire face and neck, gently massaging into skin for 1 minute.


This is a concentrated, creamy lotion that feels incredibly silky, hydrating and plumps and firms the entire area. My skin is dry so my face loves this treatment!


Step 5: Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion (Full body anywhere you didn’t apply Step 2)


This is a silky-smooth, lightweight body lotion specifically formulated to be used with the Intensive Body Repair Treatment. TruFirm formula firms, softens and helps prevent the look of crepey skin.


The directions are to use the body lotion on any areas not treated with the Intensive Body Repair Treatment.


Since I use the body treatment on my legs and arms, I use the body lotion on my chest and up onto my neck because it’s a lighter formula and also because it smells so good!


My husband has commented every single night that I’ve smell good since I started using these products.


If you’re just in the mood for something lighter than the body butter, the body lotion is an awesome alternative.


Crepe Erase Ingredients – What is the TruFirm™ Complex?


The TruFirm™ Complex is the signature ingredient found in ALL of the Crepe Erase products. It’s a patented, exclusive blend of skin restoring plant extracts which improves the look of aging skin on the neck, chest, arms and legs while firming, lifting and toning.


It works by promoting healthy collagen and elastin. It is the breakdown of collagen that causes our skin to look crepey, so sloughing off dead skin cells and putting collagen back into your skin is the answer.


Aside from TruFirm, there is no shortage of wonderful, natural ingredients in Crepe Erase to remedy crepey skin.


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